Thursday, October 8, 2009

TX State Fair 2009

I took my monkeys to the fair! Twice!! Friday, Emma and the dance team from our studio performed at the State Fair. They helped producers unveil a new superhero character, ZR. (You can check out for more info about him.) I was so excited to see Em on the stage. She didn't dance in the "main" performance, but the production crew wanted some kids to act as "extras" to fill the stage. So, Emma was an extra. She had a really good time.

I'm not usually a "fair" person. I think the prices are outrageous, the crowds too big, and so on. We ended up having a wonderful time. We met up with some friends and rode the DART rail to the fair. The kids thought that was a blast, and I didn't have to drive downtown! We were able to take advantage of the many free exhibits they had - the butterfly gardens, Little Hands on the Farm, and a "Pirates" dive show. Emma even lost a tooth there.

Isaac was supposed to be an extra that Friday, but he stayed home sick. He was so bummed! So, on Monday before my mother-in-law went back to MO, she took us back to the fair. We picked Logan up from school and headed back downtown. We rode the DART again, saw a dog stunt show, and rode the bumper cars. Isaac was bummed when we had to leave in time to get him to football practice. But, all in all, everyone had a good time.

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