Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Book 6 - 52 Books in 52 Weeks

I have tried several times over the past 10 years to read the Harry Potter series. I started reading the first one when Logan was in about the 3rd grade. I tried again when Isaac was about that age. It's just not my style of book. I'm really not a sci-fi/fantasy girl. However, I picked it up again this winter, and decided I was going to finish it no matter what. Know what? I really enjoyed it. It was a fairly quick read. Isaac wants to know if I'll read the whole series. I don't know. I have a whole list of books I want to read in addition to ones I need to read and review. Emma wants to know when I'll read it to her. I don't know that, either. I'm holding off for now, but may read it to her later in the year or over the summer. I will preread anything in this series that I read-aloud to her to make sure they aren't too scary.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book 5 - 52 in 52

The Friday Night Knitting Club was a fabulous book. I highly recommend it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Book 4 - 52 in 52

I read Coming Unglued. This is book two in the "Sisters Inc." series. I enjoy this series, and I am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series to come out.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Books 3 - 52 in 52

I read The Lightkeeper's Daughter by Iain Lawrence. I didn't really enjoy this book, but I did read it to the end.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things to Try – Wall Art

PLAY Wall Art I this wall art!!  It would look fabulous in my new game room.  The walls are currently painted green, and this is a fabulous way to bring in a pop of color (or two).  Visit 170 DAYS for a tutorial for this wall art. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emma: 52 in 52

I'm updating Emma's 52 books in 52 weeks list of books she has read to date.
7. A Cheese-Colored Camper ~ Geronimo Stilton

This week (January 10-16), Emma read the following books toward her 52 books in 52 weeks challenge:

  1. The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid ~ Geronimo Stilton
  2. Red Pizzas for a Blue Count ~ Geronimo Stilton
  3. Mouse Soup
  4. Fancy Nancy
  5. Katie Kazoo: I Hate Rules!
  6. Katie Kazoo: Drat! You Copycat!

Isaac: 52 in 52

I have not been keeping up with his list. Here's an update:

2. Magic Keepers (an Eternal Hourglass book)
3. Escape from the Carnivale (A Neverland Book)
4. The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp
5. Peter and the Star Catchers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Change is good, but stress is stress!!

We are tackling some much wanted home improvement projects over the next few weeks! I am super excited about these projects, but they do cause me a bit of stress. I will take some before pics, and post after pics as each project is complete.

I’m off to finish a shortened school day so I can hit the grocery store and come home and prep for the work crew’s arrival first thing in the morning.

As for the project list, here goes:

replacing crown molding in the master bedroom and bathroom

putting up crown molding throughout the entire downstairs – We have an open floor plan, and our living room/sitting room/kitchen/dining area all flow from one room to another. We are putting molding in the entire area.

chair rail in Emma’s room

access to attic – Emma’s room is above the garage, and Matt is convinced we can gain access to attic space if we put a door in her closet.

cabinets in the laundry room – Right now, I have 2 shelves and no hanging bar in my laundry room (which is a very skinny room we pass through from the garage to the kitchen). I want cabinets and a hanging bar.

All of this work is to start tomorrow and should be finished up within two weeks. We have to wait for the cabinets to be built. So, I now have to go clear my walls and empty Emma’s closet. Stressful, but in a VERY good way!! I’ll post pictures project by project.

Week in Review 2/7-2/13

Feb 7 Sunday

Sunday – This is Emma’s first year on the competitive dance team at her dance studio. (She’s the one in green on the left.) Her team consists of 1st and 2nd graders. Three of the kids were on the team last year, and the other three are new. She is loving it! Sunday, they had a “full” dress rehearsal – which means full costume, stage makeup, hair piece (a full ponytail). They are dancing to a compilation of 50’s music which includes Hound Dog, Wake Up Little Suzy, Shake Rattle and Roll, and more. It is too fun to watch. They have one more dress rehearsal before their first competition in two weeks.

Feb 8 Monday

Monday – Here’s Emma doing school. She is (in this picture) working on a Valentine’s Day unit study. It involves written work and work on the computer (reading a bit and watching some video clips of how chocolate is made, etc.). As you can see, she loves this study!

Feb 9 Tuesday

Tuesday – Early Valentine’s gift: Matt is horrible about waiting when he’s excited about a good find! I have been talking about wanting a hand-blender and a mini-chopper for months. He came across this one today while looking for bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond, and he couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to give it to me! I can’t wait to use it!

Feb 10 Wednesday

Wednesday – New rug and living room furniture: Matt found this rug while out shopping for bedding. I love the way it pops with the new living furniture.

Feb 11 Thursday

Thursday – Snow people: We got snow, and we got lots of it here in TX. While Logan and the rest of the kids went off to school, Isaac and Emma made snow people. Isaac created “Bob” the Titans snowman. Emma created “Sarah” the snowgirl. The kids were so excited by the snow. That’s one thing they really miss about Cincinnati (besides their old friends).

Feb 12 Friday

Friday – Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Because of all the snow, Logan was out of school today. I try to make a hot breakfast when he doesn’t have to be at school early. (He normally has to be at school by 7 for track practice before school.) So, today I made homemade whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes.

Feb 13 Saturday

Saturday – Logan and his new car: My sweet boy turned 16 right before Christmas. Today, he got a car!! We are all so excited for him. He is happy to have the freedom to go where he wants (within reason), and we are happy not to have to drive him there! Tonight, he picked up a friend and went to dinner. Then, he met more friends for a movie! Could life be any sweeter?

**Be sure to visit The Mom Creative to see other Project Life updates.**

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Monday: pork stir fry (an easy meal after grocery shopping this afternoon)

Tuesday: double-decker tacos with homemade refried beans, mexican rice, and queso

Wednesday: white bean chicken chili in the crockpot (dance night)

Thursday: salad and baked potatoes

Friday: Happy Meals (look in the fridge, find what makes you “happy”, and that’s your “meal”!)

Saturday: We’ll be in Ft. Worth for Emma’s dance competition.

Sunday: baked ziti (from the freezer), salad, yeast rolls

See what others are eating this week by visiting “Menu Plan Monday” at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday’s To-Do List

(Time to schedule all our check ups! Don’t ya love the beginning of the insurance year!)


  • Emma to a birthday party
  • Email dance team about shoes and prop
  • Finish typing lesson plans
  • Make “heart” pizza for dinner and Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Pudding Cake for dessert.


  • Begin packing up Valentine’s decorations.
  • Drive to Dollar Tree for wreath supplies.
  • Bling” Emma’s dance shoes and jacket
  • Call ortho to schedule appointment for Logan (check up for retainer)
  • Go pay ticket for expired tags on van!!


  • Dance class for Emma
  • Call eye doctor and order contacts for Logan.
  • Mail books for Paper Back Swap
  • laundry
  • Finish hair bows for Emma’s dance team
  • Pick up gift for Papa


  • Send pics to Walmart for Project Life album.
  • Dance classes for Emma
  • Call ortho to schedule appointment for Isaac (to begin phase I treatment)
  • Mail Papa’s birthday present


  • Call pediatrician to schedule check ups for Isaac and Emma
  • Purchase green and white felt and straight pins for a St. Patrick’s day wreath


  • Call vet to schedule check up for Macy.
  • Phone interview for 3D Travel – potential new job (working from home as a Disney travel agent!)
  • Isaac’s pottery class


  • Emma’s first dance competition (Talent on Parade) in Fort Worth
  • Possible track meet for Logan in Ft. Worth (if he qualifies)


  • REST after a long day in Ft. Worth!!
  • laundry
  • work on St. Patrick’s Day wreath

Valentine Dessert

Oh my!! This was super easy and oh so good!! It’s called “Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Pudding Cake”, and it’s made in the crock pot!! Easy and yummy! Can it get any better? We ate it warm with vanilla ice cream tonight for Valentine’s Day. I forgot to take pictures of it in the serving bowls (because we ate it too fast), but here is what was left of this batch. I took the rest to my neighbor so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat the rest she could enjoy some, as well. I found the recipe at Stolen Moments Cooking blog. Hop over there, grab the recipe, and treat your family to a fabulous dessert.


Friday, February 12, 2010

I love these birthday invites!

Ballerina Invitation 013

Maybe I can talk Emma into a ballerina birthday party this year so I can make these invitations.  They are too cute!!  Check out A Little Loveliness to see how she made them. 

Birthday TableOver at Frills Fluff and Trucks, I found this beautiful table display that I can tweak to fit a ballerina thems.  Love the pink tulle on the chairs and the boa on the chandelier.  Check her out to see what she used as cupcake stands and party favors (found at the Dollar Tree).  Too cute!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Snow Day – 2/11/10

We’re in the midst of a heavy snow. Not much

compared to most parts of the country, I know.

However, for north TX, it’s a big one!



We are expecting 4-7 inches of snow today.

As of 8:00 this morning, we’ve got 2 inches.


Logan had to go to school since the roads aren’t bad yet,

but I expect him to get out early.


I couldn’t say no to Isaac and Emma

when they asked to go play in the snow.

DSC_0132 DSC_0134 DSC_0135 DSC_0136DSC_0148

Isaac and “Bob” the snowman

(who is frowning because the Titans didn’t do well this year).


Emma and “Sarah” the snowgirl!!

I want to make this…

remove-your-shoes-post I always ask guests to take their shoes off when they come in.  I’m thinking most would take their shoes off on their own after seeing this lovely sign right inside my front door.  How cute is it?  I saw this over at How Does She?,  and now I need one for my own home.  Visit How Does She? for a tutorial to make your own. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Valentine’s Day Display

I’ve never really decorated for any holidays aside from Christmas. However, I now have the perfect place for decorating – the top of the buffet in my sitting room. I have been inspired by a number of blogs I follow, and here is the display I have created for Valentine’s Day. You can click on the photos for a closer look.


This is a full view of the display.

Heart baskets

I found these heart-shaped baskets at a vintage shop in my area. I got the hearts at Walmart on clearance for .25/4!

Heart Frame

I picked up this frame at a local boutique, and I added some “bling” to the largest polka dots. That’s a pic of my little Emma when she was just a few months old.


On either side of the center frame are some wine glasses I bought at Dollar Tree and filled with M&Ms. The little cherubs in front of that same frame were purchased at Dollar Tree, as well.


Another view – I do plan to add ribbon to both candles, but forgot to do so before snapping these pictures. In these pictures, you can see Emma in a pair of Valentine overalls I made her years ago, and Logan in his favorite Cardinals jersey (the red and white fit the theme!).


The pitcher shown here is from Ross. My little man Isaac is in the picture on the left, and my niece Olivia is on the right.

1949 cards

These are some vintage Valentine cards I picked up at a local vintage shop. They are dated 1949!! I LOVE THEM! I plan to go back and get some more, because I like them so much. They are so much nicer to look at than the cheesy Sponge Bob or Hannah Montana ones sold today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week in Review 1/31-2/6

I know I haven’t done our week in review for a few weeks. Things have been crazy busy around here. But, here are this past week’s review. If you want a closer view of the pictures, click on them.

Jan 31 Sunday

Sunday – We recently bought some new furniture (which I will post pics of as I need “fillers” for my album). We have also been given a few new pieces, as well. We purchased the cocktail table and lamp above. The cocktail table is a matching piece to our existing coffee table. Matt’s mom gave us the arm chair, and it matches our red sofas perfectly!

Feb 1 Monday

Monday – As part of our Winter Wonders unit study, Emma made bagel bird feeders which we hung from a tree in our front yard.

Feb 2 Tuesday

Tuesday – Isaac is snuggled up with a good book. (Here you can see our new sofa and coffee table in the living room.

Feb 3 Wednesday

Wednesday – Here are the “brothers” at the dance studio. On Wednesdays, these boys hang out while their sisters are in dance class. It’s sweet to watch the big boys interact with the little ones.

Feb 4 Thursday Feb 4 Thursday2

Thursday – Who needs toys when you have a cardboard box! Emma and Isaac had fun playing in this huge box. They played for about an hour with it – until they crushed it!

Feb 5 Friday

Friday – I couldn’t find any Valentine plates I liked for my plate holder so I made my own. A few melamine plates from Target, white heart doilies, mog podge, iridescent glitter, and puffy letter stickers, and viola!

Feb 6 Saturday

Saturday – HOMEWORK!! This is where Logan spends a good portion of his Saturday afternoons – catching up on his AP World History homework.