Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Change is good, but stress is stress!!

We are tackling some much wanted home improvement projects over the next few weeks! I am super excited about these projects, but they do cause me a bit of stress. I will take some before pics, and post after pics as each project is complete.

I’m off to finish a shortened school day so I can hit the grocery store and come home and prep for the work crew’s arrival first thing in the morning.

As for the project list, here goes:

replacing crown molding in the master bedroom and bathroom

putting up crown molding throughout the entire downstairs – We have an open floor plan, and our living room/sitting room/kitchen/dining area all flow from one room to another. We are putting molding in the entire area.

chair rail in Emma’s room

access to attic – Emma’s room is above the garage, and Matt is convinced we can gain access to attic space if we put a door in her closet.

cabinets in the laundry room – Right now, I have 2 shelves and no hanging bar in my laundry room (which is a very skinny room we pass through from the garage to the kitchen). I want cabinets and a hanging bar.

All of this work is to start tomorrow and should be finished up within two weeks. We have to wait for the cabinets to be built. So, I now have to go clear my walls and empty Emma’s closet. Stressful, but in a VERY good way!! I’ll post pictures project by project.

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