Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week in Review 2/7-2/13

Feb 7 Sunday

Sunday – This is Emma’s first year on the competitive dance team at her dance studio. (She’s the one in green on the left.) Her team consists of 1st and 2nd graders. Three of the kids were on the team last year, and the other three are new. She is loving it! Sunday, they had a “full” dress rehearsal – which means full costume, stage makeup, hair piece (a full ponytail). They are dancing to a compilation of 50’s music which includes Hound Dog, Wake Up Little Suzy, Shake Rattle and Roll, and more. It is too fun to watch. They have one more dress rehearsal before their first competition in two weeks.

Feb 8 Monday

Monday – Here’s Emma doing school. She is (in this picture) working on a Valentine’s Day unit study. It involves written work and work on the computer (reading a bit and watching some video clips of how chocolate is made, etc.). As you can see, she loves this study!

Feb 9 Tuesday

Tuesday – Early Valentine’s gift: Matt is horrible about waiting when he’s excited about a good find! I have been talking about wanting a hand-blender and a mini-chopper for months. He came across this one today while looking for bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond, and he couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to give it to me! I can’t wait to use it!

Feb 10 Wednesday

Wednesday – New rug and living room furniture: Matt found this rug while out shopping for bedding. I love the way it pops with the new living furniture.

Feb 11 Thursday

Thursday – Snow people: We got snow, and we got lots of it here in TX. While Logan and the rest of the kids went off to school, Isaac and Emma made snow people. Isaac created “Bob” the Titans snowman. Emma created “Sarah” the snowgirl. The kids were so excited by the snow. That’s one thing they really miss about Cincinnati (besides their old friends).

Feb 12 Friday

Friday – Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Because of all the snow, Logan was out of school today. I try to make a hot breakfast when he doesn’t have to be at school early. (He normally has to be at school by 7 for track practice before school.) So, today I made homemade whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes.

Feb 13 Saturday

Saturday – Logan and his new car: My sweet boy turned 16 right before Christmas. Today, he got a car!! We are all so excited for him. He is happy to have the freedom to go where he wants (within reason), and we are happy not to have to drive him there! Tonight, he picked up a friend and went to dinner. Then, he met more friends for a movie! Could life be any sweeter?

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dawn said...

I love the first picture of your daugter's dance class. Their outfits are so cute. Sounds like a happy snow for the kids, nice that you don't have too many of those. Your living room looks nice, I like all the furniture and the rug. Your husband sounds like he likes shopping and he's good at it. Good luck with your new driver, I know it's a scary and exciting time altogether.

K said...

Great pictures, love the snowmen!

Rene' Sharp said...

Great photos. Your daughter is adorable in the dance photo, and love your new furniture!

Karina @ The Vader Family said...

Love the pictures!

Those pancakes looks so yummy!