Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Valentine’s Day Display

I’ve never really decorated for any holidays aside from Christmas. However, I now have the perfect place for decorating – the top of the buffet in my sitting room. I have been inspired by a number of blogs I follow, and here is the display I have created for Valentine’s Day. You can click on the photos for a closer look.


This is a full view of the display.

Heart baskets

I found these heart-shaped baskets at a vintage shop in my area. I got the hearts at Walmart on clearance for .25/4!

Heart Frame

I picked up this frame at a local boutique, and I added some “bling” to the largest polka dots. That’s a pic of my little Emma when she was just a few months old.


On either side of the center frame are some wine glasses I bought at Dollar Tree and filled with M&Ms. The little cherubs in front of that same frame were purchased at Dollar Tree, as well.


Another view – I do plan to add ribbon to both candles, but forgot to do so before snapping these pictures. In these pictures, you can see Emma in a pair of Valentine overalls I made her years ago, and Logan in his favorite Cardinals jersey (the red and white fit the theme!).


The pitcher shown here is from Ross. My little man Isaac is in the picture on the left, and my niece Olivia is on the right.

1949 cards

These are some vintage Valentine cards I picked up at a local vintage shop. They are dated 1949!! I LOVE THEM! I plan to go back and get some more, because I like them so much. They are so much nicer to look at than the cheesy Sponge Bob or Hannah Montana ones sold today!

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