Sunday, March 21, 2010

I got a job!!


Yeah me!!

My good friend owns 3D Travel. 3D Travel is a travel agency that specializes in Disney experiences – Disneyland, Disney World, and Disney Cruise Line. Carol Beth and her travel agents (which now includes me) organize The Ultimate Field Trip – a homeschool Disney field trip Labor Day week. This year, 3D Travel is putting together their first Disney Homeschool Graduation.

I’ll be in training until June. After that, I will be able to book trips for others!! I can’t wait! Above you can see how I found out I got the job!! A special thank you to the moms I used to work with at MOPS who read the script I sent them spoke to the interviewer when he called to check my references! :)

I am so excited! I get to work from home helping people create a magical Disney experience! Got lots of work to do before training starts, but it will be well worth it when I can start working with others! I’ll post here when I’m trained and ready to book…

BTW, I will have to create a 'business' blog. Any ideas for a catchy name for a "Disney travel" themed blog? :)

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