Monday, December 28, 2009

Party Time!!

WooHoo!!  We are excited to announce that after 39 LONG months….


Logan got his braces off!!!  Would you just look at that expensive beautiful smile!!  I love him it!  We really were beginning to wonder if he would ever get them off.

When we moved to Texas last year, we weren’t sure where we would end up buying a house.  Therefore, we couldn’t look for an orthodontist.  I needed to find an ortho close to our new house.  So, Logan went without treatment (tightening, bands, etc) for a couple of months.  That couple of months extended his treatment for about 6 months since his teeth shifted during that time.  Uugghh!!  Then came the issue of him not wanting to wear his bands.  They are uncomfortable and “uncool” when your 15yo and in high school (or anywhere else I would imagine).  So, that added on a bit more time.  We thought he would get them off last Monday (his 16th birthday), but the orthodontist wanted to wait one more week.  Today he got them off!!  We were all very excited for him.  He has been smiling ever since!  

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