Saturday, September 18, 2010

We went to Walt Disney World!!

We spent last week at Walt Disney World! We had a blast, of course. We were joined by my mom, two sisters, brother-in-law, three nieces, and my Papa! This was the first time my nieces had been to WDW. I couldn’t wait to experience the magic with them! (We actually traveled to Disney World as part of 3D Travel’s ‘Ultimate Field Trip’ which I will blog about at a later date.)

Here are a few highlights of the start of our trip. I will post over the next few days about each day of our trip. As I blog, I will let you in on secrets, tips, and just plain fun information! Watch for posts on how to pack with just carry-on luggage, how to entertain kids on the airplane, etc.


Emma was up and ready to go not-so bright and early! She couldn’t wait to get there. And, YES, I’m one of ‘those’ parents who dresses their children in Disney-themed clothing for the entire trip! (At least when they’re young enough to still enjoy it!)

 02 03

Pre-trip breakfast at Cracker Barrel

Emma and Isaac playing checkers


Emma is watching a Piglet movie on my Ipod.


Emma didn’t make it too far into the movie before she fell asleep and slept through the entire flight. Did I mention it was early when we left home?


Emma and Cousin Abbi at the airport


All of the cousins at the Orlando airport waiting for their ‘surprise’ (my Papa joined us and the kids had no idea). We’re waiting to board the Magical Express shuttle to Walt Disney World!

Papa - surprise!


Stay tuned for…our resort arrival

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