Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing In Action

Yep, that’s me!!  I’m MIA right now, but I’m hoping to be back VERY soon.  Life is a bit overwhelming at the moment.  A ‘good’ overwhelming, but overwhelming none the less. 

Life is busy with dance at the moment.  It’s the end of the competitive year and beginning of a very busy recital season. 

Logan’s back home with us (home from public school)!  Praise the Lord for answered prayers.  But, his course load is very overwhelming to me at the moment.  I’m trying to get all of his lessons entered into my homeschool tracker, and then I will feel like I can relax about that! 

Also, I am in training with my new job, and there’s lots to learn.  Who knew!?!  I’m learning new things about Disney every day, but it’s very time-consuming at the moment. 

In order to accomplish the above tasks and still feed my kids dinner, I have to let my blog sit ‘idle’ for a few more days – maybe even another week or two.  But, when I come back I’ll have LOTS of good stuff to catch you up on!  Hope you’re having a great spring so far!!  Be back soon!

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