Saturday, June 12, 2010

Emma’s Spring Recital ~ May 2010

May found us extremely busy gearing up for Emma’s dance recital! Because she’s on the competitive dance team, she was participated in the opening number at the recital. This required extra practices. So, between regular class times, class pictures, extra practices, and 2 FULL days of recital…we were so busy! Every single minute of it is worth it once I see her on stage. She really loves it!

Here are a few pictures from her recital…

Here’s Emma before the recital started Saturday.


Hannah and Emma are ready for tap. Emma’s class danced to Tony' Bennett’s ‘Stepping Out With My Baby’.


The studio performs an hour-long ballet at each recital (both days). For the winter recital, it is always The Nutcracker. For spring, it changes each year. This year it was Sleeping Beauty. Emma’s class was Little Red Riding Hood. (FYI for those who don’t know – at the end of the ballet when Sleeping Beauty marries the prince, Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots are at the wedding ceremony.)


Emma’s jazz teacher picks the ‘funnest’ songs! This time, they danced to ‘Five Little Monkeys’ by Go Fish. I love GO FISH!


Here’s Emma after the recital on Sunday night. Her last number was her competitive routine called ‘Jive Bunny’.

Jive Bunny

Now, we are on the tail end of our ‘early summer’ break. We had two weeks off. Classes start again next week. The following week, Emma will attend dance camp. This is a required one-week ‘intensive’ camp for competitive dancers.  She will have classes through July and then enjoy another two-week break before fall classes start in August. She’s a bit excited about summer classes, because she will have a new teacher. I’m glad she’s excited instead of nervous about ‘new’.

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