Friday, October 15, 2010

Exploring Nature at the Heard Museum

Last weekend, my aunt and her boyfriend came to TX for the Titans/Cowboys game. While they were here, we spent Friday walking on the trails and exploring the museum at the Heard. The trails are so nice, and we all had a really good time.


DSCF4210  DSCF4212 DSCF4213

We were all intrigued by this tree. You can see where it was hit by lightning. What’s neat is that it is full of beautiful, green leaves.

DSCF4214 DSCF4215 DSCF4216 DSCF4217

Can you see the spider web in the tree?


Can you read this sign? No? Let me type it here for you. Maybe you can help us understand what it means. 

The Dimetrodon was the dominant carnivore of the early Permian period, but it actually existed before the dinosaurs appeared on the earth.

Hmmm…Well, ya see…This was seen at the dinosaur exhibit. So, is a Dimetrodon NOT a dinosaur? Or …I don’t even know what else? LOL!


Sweet little log cabin with a moss-covered roof


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