Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Love Letter 112

Love Letter 112 *******************************************************************

What are your child’s favorite things?

Logan has had many “favorites” over the years.  Some bring back such fond memories.

Pooh Bear ~ Logan used to carry Pooh Bear wherever he went.  He would carry him upside down by one leg.  As he sucked his thumb, he would tickle his face with the tag.  Oh, the memories that conjures up.

  Pooh Bear

Hot Wheels ~ Oh, the hours I spent playing Hot Wheels with Logan when he was younger.  He would “drive” his cars around his car rug for HOURS!!

Hot Wheels

Ipod/Cell Phone ~ At 16, these are Logan’s favorite “toys”!  Not so many fond memories of these toys, unless being ignored by a teenager with ear buds in and his thumbs moving 90 mph across a cell phone keyboard can be considered “fond” moments.  LOL!!

Isaac’s favorite toys

Rescue Heroes ~ These were a HUGE favorite when he was younger.  He had the action figures, vehicles, and movies!  It was a sad day when he sold all of his RH in our yard sale.

Rescue Heroes

Legos ~ These are a current favorite.  He particularly enjoys the building sets, not the “plain” Legos.  He loves the Star Wars Legos, cityscape Legos.  He just bought himself this pirate ship with Christmas money…

Lego Pirate Ship

Star Wars ~ Another current favorite of Isaac’s.  He usually brings these with him to the dance studio to play with his friends while Emma is in class. 

Emma’s favorite toys;

Littlest Pet Shops ~ Oh, I’ve never seen such a collection!!  It grows and grows and grows.  She spends most of her allowance on Pet Shops.  She asks for them for birthdays and Christmas.  If I would let her, she would prefer to have a Pet Shop bedroom.  (She asked, I answered – NO!!)

Pet Shops

American Girl dolls ~ I bought her the Bitty Twins for her 4th birthday, and she has collected them ever since.  She currently has four, and has circled most of the dolls in the catalog as ones she wants.  I love watching her play with her dolls.  She has recently gotten interested in reading the stories that come with each doll, as well.


BOOKS ~ She can’t read enough.  She can never have enough books.  Emma’s always got her nose buried in a book!  She reads like – well, like her momma.  She always has two or three books that she’s reading at a time.  She sleeps with books like most kids sleep with stuffed animals - I mean with piles of books around her as she sleeps. 

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