Sunday, January 10, 2010

FOCUS ~ Family Time Coupons

After reading Candace’s post about creating coupons for her family, I was inspired to create my own.  I made a book for each child.  In their coupon books the have coupons they can redeem for the following:

  • date w/ mom x2
  • date w/ dad x2
  • baking w/ mom
  • baking w/ dad
  • pick out movie for family movie night x2
  • Family Fun Day outing the month of their birthday
  • a day of Christmas shopping w/ Daddy or myself
  • choosing the craft for family craft night x2

They were very excited to receive these.  In order to make sure they actually get their “days”, we sat down at the table with my planner and wrote everything down for January. 

So, for this month, Isaac has a date with me.  We are going out for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  He has talked about this for days.  It almost makes me sad that I didn’t place a greater emphasis on this sooner.  But, it’s what we are doing now that counts.  Logan and Matt are going to see Avatar at some point this month (they both balked at writing a date on the calendar).  And, Emma is choosing this month’s craft. 

I bought the kids a Christmas tree after Christmas this year.  It will go in their playroom next Christmas.  I picked up ornaments in lots of fun bright colors for their tree.  And, I also thought it would be neat to have them make ornaments to put on the tree.  So, 6 times this year the kids will take turns picking an ornament to make.  I have saved TONS of pictures and tutorials from the blogs I read.  I will print these out and put them in a folder.  The week before “craft night” this month’s “chooser” will pick which one we will make.  I will then gather supplies and have them ready for craft night.  My plan is for each of the five of us to make at least two ornaments each each month.  That will be 10 each month.  I hope that we can use these for gifts next Christmas for their friends and cousins.

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