Monday, January 11, 2010

Week in Review 12/27-1/2

As part of my goal to FOCUS on my family, I set a goal to photograph my family every day of this year. I’ve done pretty good about taking a picture about 6 days a week so far. I’m hoping to do better throughout the year. What a great way for me to chronicle our everyday life!

Here’s a look at the last week of 2009 and the beginning of 2010…

If you click "play" this will open in another screen. You will then be able to enlarge each individual picture to see it better.

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12.27.09 ~ Matt refinished a desk we had in the living room. All of our furniture is black/white. He brought in a brown desk with the promise of painting it black – last summer. Better late than never, huh?

12.28.09 ~ Logan got his braces off after 39 months!!

12.29.09 ~ We got enough snow for Isaac and Emma to build a snow blob snowman.

12.30.09 ~ We spent a our two-week Christmas break RELAXING!! It was so nice. This was the first year we didn’t travel to visit family, and we missed them. But, we really enjoyed the down time.

12.31.09 ~ We went to the neighbors’ house for a New Year’s Eve party. Emma loved being able to stay up late, but it took her a few days to get “right” with her sleep again.

1.1.10 ~ Matt and Logan spent many long hours putting together 2 big puzzles over Christmas break.


Heather said...

stopping by from jessica's blog. love that you used smilebox to document these moments!

tinkster said...

Great pics!

Beth said...

Good job!