Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Field Trip – Dallas Museum of Art

Today I took the kids to the DMA. I’ve never been to an art museum before.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  We were able to recognize some art from our artist studies, and we were able to view some art from artists we will study later in the year.  It’s amazing the wide variety of “art” out there.  Emma and Isaac are total opposites on their “likes” in art.  Emma (like her momma) likes “realistic” art.  She loved the Degas ballerinas (no surprise there).  She liked the pieces where she could “tell” what the artist was trying to “say”.  Isaac, on the other hand, liked all the “outside the box” art.  He loved the abstract stuff.  His quote of the day was “I like to look at art (meaning paintings) but not make it myself". He much prefers to create sculptures and build with Legos.  I assured him that Lego sculptures could certainly be considered art.  When you use your imagination to create something it’s art. 

My favorite part of the day, by far, was watching Emma.  She is the resident “artist” (as she puts it) in the house.  She is constantly drawing, painting, sketching, etc.  All.the.time!!  She took her sketch pad to the museum today in case she was “inspired”  And, she was.  There were a few pieces she sketched to look like the original (like a Degas ballerina).  Other times she just got an “idea” and had to put it on paper.  After walking through a few rooms of antique furniture, for example, she sat down to draw a desk with a quill and an ink jar on it.  It was just precious watching her.  And, I must say that Isaac was a very patient big brother today as we indulged Emma in her need to draw.


My shopping bag.  Didn’t see a sign with the name on it (and it was cold so I didn’t look too hard).  So, I took a pic of my bag…


Yep, she just plopped herself down on the floor to draw when she was “inspired”. 


This is where she’s sketching a desk with a vase of flowers on it (after the quill/ink).


My sweeties!

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